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27 December 2005 @ 05:32 am
Title: Princess Draco Awaits His Prince
Rating: G
Characters: Draco, story is Ron/Draco
For the Fanfiction: A Fairy's Tale by mamalaz

Artist's Notes: Ahaha... late. Thank god for one week extensions? Though I'm preeetty sure she's not about to see it, so I guess it don't matter. I'm just trying to promote her awesome and amusing fic. Everybody go read it, it's lots of fun. (It's actually more like an epic poem, actually). This is fanart for the very beginning of it. It's Draco in a dress! He's a lonely princess sitting in a tower, waiting for Prince Harry to come rescue him.

So he awaited this ‘prince’ from night until day, Until four empty years soon dwindled awayCollapse )
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24 December 2005 @ 08:47 pm
74 pieces in all. I'm in awe. Thank you, everyone who participated, and thank you, everyone who watched and reviewed and supported and were fabulous. It's Christmas Eve; Christmas Day for some of you, and yeah, all the artist are un-anonymized under the cut.

Enjoy!Collapse )

I would also like to specially thank the following two artists for their contributions:

- hill_, for TWELVE swoonworthy pieces
- glockgal, for TEN, and a paid photobucket account. Without the latter, bandwidth would have been exceeded dozens of times

You both are goddesses, thank you so much.

There will be a grace period of a week for artists who are in the middle of doing their pieces, so go ahead and post. I will add you to this list.


There has been questions about if fanart_fairy will be an annual event, and the answer: I don't know. If anyone would like to organize this for next year, or have other ideas, drop a comment.

Happy holidays, everyone.

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24 December 2005 @ 04:03 pm
Title: Chasing the Stag
Rating: PG
Characters: James/Sirius
For the Fanfiction: Chasing the Stag by littlecup

Artist's Notes: I could see it all so clearly in in my head! I adore their passion, for being boys, for being animagi, for being so much more. Darling boys. You're delicious. Thank you!

Sirius tries to fight it, hands reaching up to James' face, pressing against his cheek, fingers underneath James' lens, poking at his eye and James turns, biting the tender skin between Sirius' thumb and index finger and Sirius retracts, shaking out his hand. Collapse )
24 December 2005 @ 03:57 pm
Title: boxing day at grimmauld place
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Harry/Sirius
For the Fanfiction: boxing day at grimmauld place by jezzabe

Artist's Notes: This is just the way I like my Harry/Sirius. Sweet, abrupt, almost plaintive. The simple and understated completely suits the hidden intensity of the Harry/Sirius situation. Thanks to Sazzlette for reccomending this fic to me, because jezzabe's fic is simply darling!

Harry glanced down, looking back up as Sirius moved closer to him, capturing Harry’s lips with his own.Collapse )
24 December 2005 @ 02:38 am
Title: Erised
Rating: G
Characters: Harry, Sirius
For the Fanfiction: Mirror, Mirror by gmth

Artist's Notes: Please note, unlike the picture the fic is Harry/Voldemort and NC17! Now I wish I picked a smuttier scene, but I liked this one. :) Happy fairymas!

On to the G ratingCollapse )
24 December 2005 @ 02:06 am

Title: Daily Chores
Rating: So NWS
Characters: Draco.  And a Feather Duster.  Er.
For the Fanfiction: Whatever May Come by charlotteschaos

Artist's Notes: Two For Char in one evening!  Score for her!  But I had only just remembered I'd done this art for her a while ago, and what better way to give it, than anonymously and at the last minute ? ;D

Draco was in his maid's uniform and his white hat was tangled in his hair on the back of his head. His legs were sprawled out in front of Snape, who was hunched in front of him, smudged in soot from his recent travel. The firelight illuminated a rather ordinary feather duster between Draco's pale legs.Collapse )

24 December 2005 @ 01:38 am
Title: Light
Rating: G
Characters: Harry, Remus
For the fanfiction: Butterfly by pansydarkbloom, which is sadness and loneliness embodied and extremely beautiful. Or, if you want it straight up, it's a damn good fic =D

Author's Notes: What do you mean, I'm almost late? There is no late =D It's either on time or an entire year early! Hee, I hope I did it justice, pansydarkbloom ^.^

they dance around, touching over different objects hesitantly like butterflies touching down on flowersCollapse )
23 December 2005 @ 11:30 pm
Title: Walking the Line
Rating: PG ?
Characters: Harry and Draco
For the Fanfiction: Walking the Line by silentauror (chapter 14)

Artist's Notes: Hee, I love this story so much. :D On the side note, I'm kind of mad at myself that I rushed the coloring on this pic, but I was almost sure I won't be able to post this in time. So, yeah, and Harry's pose is a bit unnatural, but I really didn't have time to fix things. Well, I hope you'll like it. :)

Draco turned his face to the side and went for Potter’s throat instead.Collapse )
23 December 2005 @ 11:07 pm
Title: Underwear, Unmastered.
Rating: PG 13, maybe.
Characters: Harry/Draco
For the Fanfiction: The fantabulous "Choices" by Frances Potter.

Artist's Notes: Sorry about the quality and. Thanks for writing fiction, one and all. Happy Holidays :D.

Pic.Collapse )
Music: Stephen Lynch.
23 December 2005 @ 07:03 pm
Title: Potter's Princess
Rating: G for now
Characters: Harry/Draco primarily
For the Fanfiction: Potter's Princess by charlotteschaos

Artist's Notes: Here's the first two panels of maybe 4 or 5. I really love this fic, it's fun and hot at the same time! Thanks, Char!

Large images...

Potter's Princess 1 & 2Collapse )